Saint George

Saint George is celebrated today in the christian world. He was born somewhere between 275-285, in Cappadocia – backthen a part of the Roman Empire under the rule of Diocletian, nowadays a part of Turkish Anatolia.

He was martyred on this day in year 303 for for keeping his faith. Tradition says that the spear which was meant to kill him bent back and left him untouched.

He is saint patron of Greece, Portugal, England and other countried and many cities around the world.

In the christian iconography, his representation while killing the dragon is very popular – according to the legend, he saved a Lybian kingdom and its princess, along with converting many witnesses to his victory.

St. George is a symbol of victory, no matter the battle.

Photo: ”Sf. Gheorghe” – Romanian icon, 1847, author Ioan Pop, workshop Făgăraș, credit: Europeana – Institutul Național al Patrimoniului.

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